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Powerpoint Presentations

I have produced PowerPoint presentations for a wide range of projects, mostly in the BBC. Many have been for senior or middle management who had a need for a high-quality visual support for important presentations to stakeholders, decision makers and government. Past projects have included BBC R&D, DMI, BBC Jam, BBC Technology and others.

  • A picture says a thousand words – a memorable visual metaphor conveys the message
  • No text – or as little as possible. Nobody reads bullet points, even if they fly in from the side.
  • Less is more – subtle, consistent animations used sparingly add interest
  • A glossy, televisual visual style inspires more respect and confidence in the speaker and keeps an audience engaged
  • Video embedded in PowerPoint can provide a seamless and stimulating multimedia presentation

Clients have included Ralph Rivera, Director of BBC Future Media; Jon Page, BBC R&D Head of Operations; Raymond LeGue, BBC DMI; and bespoke PowerPoint templates for BBC Engineering and BBC Tech Ops.

I also have experience in public speaking and leading my own presentations, and present ideas in a persuasive and entertaining style.