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MoCheck is a web app that enables car leasing companies to perform vehicle inspections on a smartphone. Together with business partners, I designed this with smartphone users in mind, with a focus on rapid usability, low performance load and security.

  • Prior to a vehicle going out, a vehicle inspector logs the condition of a car or van on a mobile phone, recording details like fuel level and tyre pressure, and adding any damage on a touch-sensitive car diagram.
  • Every photograph is automatically watermarked with the time & date, so there’s solid proof of any damage.
  • When the customer signs off, it automatically generates a PDF inspection report.
  • When the vehicle comes back in, a comparison report is done and any dents or scratches can be recorded with photographic evidence.
  • Customers top-up their account credits via an online payment system.

MoCheck reports cover both parties in the event of a damaged car or van. Leasing and rental companies have come to depend on MoCheck for resolving disputes and protecting themselves from damage to their fleet.

We’re currently developing a native app to extend MoCheck functionality even further.