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BBC Jam was an online educational service for school pupils that offered media-rich learning resources for children. Its aim was to engage learners through disovery and stimulation, with online games, video and animation.

I worked as a producer on KS3 French and senior producer on KS3 History, leading a team of producers and working closely with interactive designers, illustrators, researchers, video production teams and developers, commissioning Flash games from design companies and auditioning actors.

Highlights included:

  • Immersive, interactive “virtual worlds” for learners to explore
  • Specially shot video including a teen soap opera (in present-tense French) and greenscreen history characters
  • Knowledge tests presented as video games
  • English, Welsh, Gàidhlig and Irish-language support for learners
  • Accessibility features to support disabled learners.

BBC Jam was shut down following a legal challenge concerning BBC fair trading.