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4 Ells Film Festival

The Four Ells Film Festival was held in 2008 to inspire London schoolchildren to develop filmmaking skills. Participating schools uploaded video shorts to the website and the event culminated with a screening BFI on London’s South Bank.

This is quite an old project and not typical of my work now, but it was such a fun site that I thought I’d leave it up. There is much that I would do differently now in the use of HTML, SIFR and Flash. It may be outdated, but it’s nice to look back.

The site was aimed mainly at kids, so there are lots of interactive “Easter eggs” and primary colours, and it uses a standalone video management system (a child-safe alternative to YouTube).

The best bit of the project was a set of funky video idents which I animated for the BFI screenings – nearly a decade later, these still make me smile.